About us

With locations throughout the UK, millions of square feet of warehouse space and an extensive fleet of vehicles covering millions of miles a year, we are one of the leading logistics providers in the UK.

We’re a 24/7 logistics business supporting customers across every aspect of British business. Our services cover the end-to-end supply chain, from materials into manufacturing plants to sequencing, storage and distribution. Whether it’s supporting a ‘one off’ construction project or managing a complex supply chain we work with our customers to drive efficiency, service and value.


We listen to our customers and our people and we make Bibby a great place to work. We want to be the employer of choice – attracting, rewarding and retaining the best people in our industry.

Career with us

From drivers to developers and apprentices to accountants we have over 2,000 colleagues across nearly 100 sites across the UK. A career with Bibby Distribution means taking on challenges, doing our best for our customers and growing as part of a successful team.

Our values

Our strategic objective is to be a top 10 UK 3PL, working as one company to create long term sustainable value for our customers, our people & our shareholders.

By understanding our company values and bringing them to life through our actions and intentions we turn our promises into reality.

Passionate about Performance

Our people make our company what it is today. We treat everybody we deal with, with respect and integrity.

What it means for our Employees:

  • Working together as one company sharing best practice, knowledge and experience to enhance team and Bibby Distribution performance
  • Being personally responsible for the part we play in developing a strong sense of community and teamwork in our workplace
  • Demonstrating dedication and pride in our work
  • Acting on what’s most important and what adds most value
  • Seeing things through until the end, keeping promises and doing what we say we’ll do
  • Feeling passionate about outperforming our external competitors on cost, quality and service.

Ambitious for Growth

We always put the customer at the centre of everything we do. We adapt to our customers’ needs; helping them grow their business and ours.

What it means for our Employees:

  • Being customer focused in everything that we do
  • Getting to know customers and seeking to understand their needs to provide the very best solutions
  • Developing effective customer relationships and treating every customer encounter as an opportunity
  • Having a long term partnership approach to our customer relationships
  • Treating our customers’ people, goods and resources with utmost respect
  • Always looking for ways of adding extra value to the service we provide to the customer
  • Acting on the knowledge that complying with process and procedure leads to a good external reputation – which leads to good business.

Striving for Improvement

We continuously improve; constantly looking for innovative ways to add extra value. We appreciate the value of change and improvement, and are committed to it.

What it means for our Employees:

  • Seeing continuous improvement as a ‘business as usual’ activity and part of everyone’s day job
  • Being open-minded to new ideas and opportunities to learn at work
  • Regularly reviewing the way we do things to maximise efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Identifying patterns and trends in our work and using this knowledge to improve performance
  • Keeping up to date with best practice ways of working and incorporating them into our routines
  • Identifying root causes to problems, and ways of minimising waste within the workplace
  • Proactively communicating ideas and suggestions to those that can help the most
  • Respecting the advice, knowledge and experience of specialist colleagues across the business.

Powered by our People

Our people make our company what it is today. We treat everybody we deal with, with respect and integrity.

What it means for our Employees:

  • Being respectful and courteous to colleagues and customers.
  • Treating people fairly and as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  • Demonstrating our integrity by being genuine, open-minded, honest and straight forward.
  • Seeking the views and opinions of others, making time for other people.
  • Dealing with issues as soon as they happen by engaging in open constructive conversations.
  • Putting the health and safety of all our people at the forefront of our minds in all our operations.